Paul Foster

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I’ve always loved taking pictures, for many years It was just a hobby until I decided to embrace my passion fully and start taking pictures for others.

It was when I went looking for some art to fill the walls of our home, and I really struggled to find artwork which I thought fit the room and made an impact. It was then when I asked the question, “why couldn’t I use my own pictures?”

So that is what I embarked on. Taking my camera with me and creating art with the aim of creating impact and sitting on my own walls, provoking anyone viewing it to be capitulated directly there and getting lost in the image itself.

I’m keen to share my passion with as many people i can, through working with others to create the images they want for their own homes or just finding joy in the images I take.

If you would like to talk about a piece of work you would like commissioned, please feel free to reach out and let’s have that conversation.